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Frozen + LBD 

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how do you measure

a year in the life?

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Darvid for those I like talking to, Batman for those to ignore and send to voicemail.

all lbd characters: lydia bennet
You’re only a secondary character if you let yourself be.


It seems like everyone else who was a fan of the LBD has immediately fallen in love with EA. I’m not sure I can count myself among them. I just don’t sympathise with Emma’s character at all - and I know the whole point of the thing is that she is how she is - but Lizzie was very likeable and very normal. She certainly had flaws, but of a type that made her seem like your average person. Emma’s character seems to be almost the opposite of that; it’s as if she’s actively trying to distance herself from the rest of society - as if she thinks she’s better than everyone else, and that’s a kind of person I find it very hard to like. And I think it’s going to be very hard to like the series without liking the protagonist.

Mind you, I tried and failed to get into the LBD several times before I eventually managed it - about two months before it ended. Maybe it will just take me another 75 episodes or so of EA.

ah the folly of youth

are we good?


How to subtly check someone out, a guide by Lizzie Bennet.